Triple Triad A.B. Pruning

This project was constructed in my fall 2012 artificial intelligence class to explore the alpha-beta pruning algorithm. This algorithm is used in many two-player turn-based games such Tic-tac-toe, Chess, and Go. The AB pruning algorithm utilizes the min-max algorithm to choose next move for the AI but then also limits number of states processed by pruning branches of the tree search space that no longer need to be explored.

Since the A.B. algorithm is great for turn-based games I chose to remake the game Triple Triad from the video game series Final Fantasy in JavaScript and HTML.

The code can be downloaded an ran from its GitHub Repo.

Screenshots & Descriptions

Initial Game State

This is the initial state of the game where no player has placed a card.

Last Card Game State

This is the second-to-last state of the game where one of the players will place a card to finish the game.

Statistics & Game Configuration

This is a part of the user interface that shows how the games are progressing.