This tool is a locally-run Java program that designed to gain analytics from a web domain. It will take a starting url and crawl through a domain while saving data about each url. Once finished, the tool will open up the computer's default browser and show the user an Angular JS application which displays the data. The application obtains a myriad of information gathered including:

HTTP Codes
  • Normal codes - 2xx, 3xx
  • Problematic codes - 4xx, 5xx
SEO Information
  • Page titles
  • Page descriptions
Web Accessibility Issues
  • Inputs without labels
  • Images without alternative text
  • Links with poor names

The code can be forked or downloaded at this project's GitHub Repo.


The following are some screenshots taken of the Angular JS application after a job has been run.

initial page of the angular js application

urls search page of angular js application

accessiblity issues page of angular js application